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Real estate regulations are constantly changing, so our staff are always up to date on the latest procedures and trends. We utilise professional systems, combined with friendly customer service


We ensure the most suitable tenant is secured.

We consult our prospect lists, advertise where necessary and market the property extensively to seek the most suitable candidate for the property. Our detailed application ensures that all relevant information is collected to ensure that the most suitable applicant is accepted to the property.


We give first class attention to detail.


For the care of your valuable asset we prepare a written inspection report at the commencement of each tenancy and ensure a rental bond is lodged. We also inspect the property when the tenant vacates and release the bond only if the property is returned in satisfactory condition. During the tenancy we conduct regular inspections and where necessary will arrange repairs and maintenance. We advise in advance any maintenance to keep you informed of all matters relating to the property.


Financial transactions conducted with efficiency.


We collect monies and issue receipts on your behalf as well as monitor rents to ensure they are paid in accordance with the tenancy agreement. We account to you regularly as agreed and arrange for funds to be transferred to the financial institution of your choice.


Insurance protection. 


We can advise and where necessary assist with insuring and protecting your property, contents, cover for public liability and landlord specific insurance.


We have local experience. 


Our property manager establishes the rental value by comparing your property to similar properties currently let. By maintaining your asset in good repair and ensuring it is well presented, you will maximise rent, reduce vacancy and attract a high standard of tenant. Vacant properties cost you money and pose a security risk.


We offer expertise in Property Investment.


Real estate is a secure means of investment for your future. We can help you build your portfolio using our local experience. We offer management services for Commercial property and Body Corporate.